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March 28, 2015

Mar. 282015

►    April store hours start Sunday, March 29:  Sunday 11-5, Mon-Fri 10-8, Sat. 10-5.  That’s opening an hour earlier on Sunday, and closing 2 hours later Mon-Wed.  Spring is here.

►    The Big Sale starts Sunday, March 29:  “April Pre-Seasonal Sale”. This month’s color is light pink.  Everything changes:  specials, department promotions, everything.

►    Customer Feedback: Customer Patricia A., of Manchester, NH stated that her general shopping experience with us was Good.  “We were able to visually see how the furniture would look.”  Did any of our team members do an unusually good job?  “Roz was great with follow-up questions.”  Sales help and operations were both rated Good, and product performance was rated Excellent.  She would recommend us to a friend.  “Yes we did, and our friends bought furniture from Roz.  What do we do really well?  “Customer service.”

►    Happy Birthday to Stephanie on Thursday, April 2.  We will celebrate with birthday cake on Sunday, April 5th.

►    Happy Fifth Anniversary to Corey on Wednesday, April 8th.  We will celebrate with cake in the coffee shop on Saturday, April 4th.

►    I know someone looking for an inexpensive used car.  If you happen to be selling one, tell me.

►    Every person who works in the store, except Ann Auker, needs to be able to help a customer choose a season’s supply of non-balancing chemicals:  sanitizer, shock, and algaecide.  How?  Learn how to look it up.  We have a chart on the second to last page of the Pool Supply section in the Program Book.  Plus, appropriate places in the Chemical department.  Plus on the back of the clipboards that hold Warehouse Order Forms.  Plus on the bulletin board behind the registers.

►    Roz has decided to retire rather than come back from her winter lay-off.  We wish her well, and an enjoyable retirement.

►    Several quarterly reviews will not be ready for this week.  I apologize for the delay, they will be done next week.

►    When presenting grills, keep in mind that painted and porcelainized surfaces will rust.  So those cool-looking Weber grills?  Rust city!  No one would paint stainless steel.

►    From Ann A.: Reminder to all sales associates that during the April Patio Sale all special orders are discounted at 15% off.  This is different than the March pre-season sale where special orders were 20% off!  All stock merchandise is still on sale at 20% off for the entire month!  Any questions about sale pricing, see me!

►    “If the grass looks greener on the other side of fence, it’s time to water your own grass.”  No idea who said it first.

►    Internet Humor:

  • Did you sell any of your paintings at the art show? No, but I am encouraged; he replied. Somebody stole one.
  • Having been married a long time, my husband sometimes needs a gentle reminder of a special occasion. On the morning of our 35th anniversary, we were sitting at the breakfast table when I hinted: Honey, do you realize that we’ve been sitting in these same two seats exactly 35 years? Putting down the newspaper, he looked straight at me, and said, So you want to switch seats?


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