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May 2, 2015

May. 22015

►    We are now open until 9PM on week days.

►    The most important Pool School of the year is Wednesday, May 6thIntroduction to Pool Maintenance.   Advising new pool owners to attend is a giant help to them, and to us.  Teaching 35 people at once on a Wednesday night beats trying to teach them one at a time on a Saturday afternoon.

►    Customer Feedback: A Seasonal Service and Repair Report Card was received from Tara & Pat McG. of Manchester, NH.  They rated us Excellent on all points.  “We have had excellent service since we purchased the spa 10 years ago.  The two gentlemen who came have been here before and they’re great!”

►    Advertising, sales, promotions, and specials change Monday, May 4:  “Because Our Mothers Said So”

►    Sunday, May 3rd at 5PM is the end of all of the April Sale.  If someone wants the sale price, they should put it on a sales order; even if it’s on the phone with a credit card, then pick up when they want it.

►    Happy Anniversary to Luke on Tuesday, May 5.  Anniversary cake in the Coffee Shop on Saturday, May 9.  I hope he’s coming back!

►    Sunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day.  We normally give flowers to all female customers (not just mothers) on that day.  Since I am away, I am leaving it to Stephanie to figure what she wants, order them, and make it happen.

►    SCP discontinued the 24’ 18 upright Sahara.  You have been selling them as cheap winter damage replacements for Escalades.  So:  the price list changed to show them as 16 upright pools.  I am afraid that you were given slightly different information on Wednesday afternoon.  SCP change it again – and decided to change the Cayman to a totally different pool for 2016.

►    From Ann A.: The Lloyd Flanders “Spring” Discover Luxury Sales Event is officially ending on Friday, May 1st.  Lloyd Flanders will extend the submission date of orders until Monday, May 4th.  That means you can continue to offer the 20% discount coupon off on all Lloyd stock or special order items through this weekend.  Special orders & stock sales must absolutely be submitted to me for processing by Monday, May 4th.  Orders must be submitted with a coupon in order for us to receive our credit, so get your orders in.

►    From Mia: Reminder:  every customer needs to be asked about the Rewards program!  Use the following script (which is located at each register). When you are ringing up a customer ask him or her, “Are you a member of our Seasonal Rewards Program?”  If they say no, explain that “Seasonal Rewards is an email-based program that pays you to shop here.  With 3% back on almost everything.  We will email you a gift certificate every January for the previous year.  There are bonuses, too.  Last year, one person received over $600!”

►    From Anne-Marie: Since this is the last weekend for the April Sale, and it is expected to be extremely busy, we are bringing free lunch in for all employees on Saturday, May 2nd  and Sunday, May 3rd.  Saturday is a taco bar by Moe’s Southwestern Grill, and Sunday is pizza and salad from Milano’s Pizza.   Enjoy!

►    Below is a copy of a report on another store’s flier.  I can’t do the rest without going to the store.

►    Some of you may have met Jeanne’s younger dog, Fawnie.  We were forced to give Fawnie to some friends as Jeanne became sicker – Fawnie has too much energy to live with an invalid.  Fawnie has been doing very well in dog shows – extremely well for how young she is and for how few shows she has entered.  So anyway, Fawnie needed only one point to become a finished champion.  And she just won a five-point major as “Winner’s Bitch” at the National Boston Terrier Show.  This was a major goal for Jeanne.

►    Internet Humor:

Stranger:  Catch any fish?

Fisherman:  Did I!  I took out forty out of this stream this morning.

Stranger:  Know who I am?  I’m the game warden.

Fisherman:  Know who I am?  I’m the biggest liar in the state.

Report – A Competitor’s Flier 4/26 – 5/9/15


Seasonal Price A = Normal Discount

Seasonal Price B = April Sale

Seasonal Price C = Early May Sale if applies


Reminder: Their Morada has a similar frame as our Cayman, but the 24’ pool only has 16 uprights. Our Cayman has 18 uprights. Our pool uses an inground-style wide mouth skimmer. Their pools use small skimmers. I cannot properly compare their pool prices; as they are not honoring the prices in their flier unless you purchase something else that they will not describe in their flyer. As soon as you add a package, with all of our FREE stuff, we blow them away.

                      Namco      A    B   C
Description Reg. Price Sale Price Price Price Price
Pentair 19” Sand Filter 599.99 449.99 399.99 319.98
Pentair 22” Sand Filter 699.99 499.99 449.99 359.98
9” x 24” Ladder Mat 14.99 9.99 10.99 8.78
Zap Vac (them) Vinny (us) 173.99 139.99 129.99 103.98 99.98
Polaris 65 APC 533.99 399.99 259.99 207.98 229.98
Deluxe In-Pool Ladder (20020?) 209.99 109.99 109.99 87.98
BQ Shock/Peroxy Shock each 11.99 6.97 5.58
BQ Shock/Peroxy Shock case/4 47.96 31.96 24.97 19.98
12½ % Shock/Generic Shock each 6.99 3.99 3.18 3.48
12½ % Shock/Generic Shock 12 bottles 83.88 47.88 44.94 35.95 38.94

Conclusion – when it is exactly the same, or very close, our Regular Prices are the same or lower than their Pre-Season sale prices.   We blow them away.





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