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May 21, 2016

May. 202016

►    Customer Feedback:  An anonymous customer rated their general shopping experience as Excellent. “Really liked our sales rep. (Mia, I think).”  Did any of our team members did an unusually good job? “Mia.  Just of the way she approached our questions and addressed them.  She was friendly and down to earth.”  Sales help and operations were both rated Excellent.  “She admitted she did not do any grilling, so she was honest.  But answered all our questions the best she could.  Let us know about the 2-week trial period.”  What do we do really well?  “Mia was amazing.  So fun, funny, sweet, kind, and helpful.”

►    Advertising, promotions, and specials continue from last week: “Seasonal Beats Them All”

►    The last Opening Pool School is Wednesday, May 25, so make sure every customer knows about it.

►    Events during the next couple of weeks:

         May 21-22:  FREE Food.  Add cookies & pastries to your FREE coffee and tea in the Coffee Shop, while supplies last.

         May 22: Meet our Lloyd Flanders patio furniture Reps., Jeff & Claire Walvich.

         May 25:  Pool School 202 ~ Easy Pool Opening, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

         May 28:  Customer Appreciation Day: Free Gifts with any purchase, while they last.

         May 30:  Memorial Day: Open 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM ONLY

►    Lunch on Sunday, May 22 is being provided by Jeff and Claire Walvich from Lloyd Flanders.  Be sure to say “Thank You” when you see them that day.  We will be having pizza and salad from Pizza Hut.  Enjoy!

►    We just changed the Sahara back to a 18 upright 24’ pool.  While we cannot get an answer from SCP about what they will stock in the future, they have 18 upright pools in stock now, and will not switch (if at all) until they run out.  So if you need a cheap 16 upright pool, use the Reprieve.  For a better one, use Tamara.

►    Reminder.  This is the last week of the second quarter reviews.  Do you have a goal that you are about to miss?  Get going. Or, see if you can get a pass.  But if you do not request a pass from me or your manager, with a good reason, it will be too late after May 31.  No matter what your reason.

►    While I would like to provide lunch on busy weekends, and make-your-own sundaes and Freeze Pops when it’s hot, the   lunchroom counter is too full of junk for us to add a catered lunch.  And the freezer is too full of groceries.  Could you please try to make room? Perhaps only keep a day or two worth of food in the freezer and refrigerator?  Also, consider that people who bring in those insulated lunch bags might take everything out and put it in a plastic bag (like the ones we have at the register) before putting it in the fridge.  This wasn’t a problem during the winter with a small staff, but now there is no room for all of us to put our lunches in the fridge.  The insulated bags take up too much room.

►    PFOA has been found in wells in several towns. My plan is to have a book at our Parts Department with more information for people to read or take home.  I can’t imagine that anyone will, but I know people have been asking questions.  On May 20, the EPA announced a new limit for PFOA in drinking water, at 70 parts per trillion.

►    From Anne-Marie: Just a reminder that whoever is doing the cashing out and nightly closing should ALWAYS check that other workstations are not left open on RetailPro before cashing out. (options, user info).  Three times in the last month I have come in to a workstation not backed out of RetailPro properly, which results in over 700 file indexes being corrupted. A reconstruction has to take place in order for RetailPro to work, which can take over an hour.  If this happens on a Saturday or Sunday morning it could delay opening the store.

►    From Patrick: As of 5/20/16, you are now required to read back all receipts and contracts to the customer before taking payment.  It takes less than 30 seconds to do, and saves a lot of time, compared to having the customer come back into the store to correct the mistake.  Please see me if you have any questions.  This is mandatory, not optional.

►   Laughter is The Best Medicine from the Reader’s Digest:  A first-grade teacher can’t believe her student isn’t hepped up about the Super Bowl.  “It’s a huge event.  Why aren’t you excited?”  “Because I’m not a football fan.  My parents love basketball, so I do too.”  says the student.  “Well, that’s a lousy reason,” says the teacher.  “What if your parents were morons?  What would you be then?”  “Then I’d be a football fan.”


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