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May 31, 2014

May. 312014

►    Customer Feedback:   A Seasonal Specialty Stores Report Card was received from Ronald T., in Hudson, NH who stated that his general shopping experience with us was Good.  “The sales associate listened to our desires and didn’t force anything on us.”  Did any of our team members do an unusually good job?  “Stephanie – her professionalism in answering questions regarding chemicals was great.”  Did any of our team members do an unusually bad job?  “When we bought our pool, the sales associate sold us the wrong skimmer for that pool.  Also, he sold us a return when one was included in the skimmer.”  Sales help:  “See note above.  When the installation team started, they needed me to return to the store for the proper skimmer.”  Operations, communication, and product performance were all rated Excellent.  “Professional, quick, courteous.”  “Although much further to travel than Namco, your chemicals work much better and thus worth the drive.”  In-store advice and free water testing were rated Excellent.  Would they recommend us to a friend?  “Yes.”  What do we do really well?  “Answer questions regarding maintenance.”

►    Advertising, promotions, and many pool supply prices change Sunday, June 1:  “Pool and Patio Sale”.  June’s color is purple.

►    The FREE grill accessories are now with the Napoleon Prestige, not the Mirage.  The Spectrum coupon now requires an $80 minimum total purchase.

►    Upcoming Events:

June 1:  Customer Appreciation Day:  Free Gifts with any purchase, while they last.

June 4:  Pool School 101 ~ Introduction to Pool Maintenance, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

June 6:  Meet Greg Parker from Bel-Aqua, suppliers of Maytronics automatic pool cleanersin our store today.

June 7:  Meet Mark Coleman from Aqua Comfort heat pumps in our store today.

June 8:  Grill Demonstration: Saber R50CC & Saffire 18” smoker:  11AM – 2PM

June 14:  Stephen’s first Anniversary:  Have some anniversary cake in the coffee shop while supplies last.

►    Lunch Saturday, May 31st is provided by Telescope Casual Furniture:  pasta, meatballs, salad, and bread.  On Friday, June 6th, it will be provided by Greg Parker from Bel-Aqua, who will be here in the store offering discounts on Maytronics auto pool cleaners, and Reliant pumps and motors. On Saturday, June 7th, lunch will be provided by Mark Coleman, an owner of Aqua Comfort heat pumps.  Mark will also have coupons for special discounts on his heat pumps.

►    Do not write anything on the “Tip Jar” list.  Just give me the tip with a note, I will check it and post it myself.

►    Try reading a Namco flyer closely.  Note that their “Standard” pool package only includes a filter, a skimmer, and a ladder.  Additional items cost a lot more when the pool-only is on sale.

►    We are adding a label to the D & P Folders requesting that customers not even call them until after June 8th. They may be losing an installer due to medical leave, which would delay liner installations.  Ultimately, they may have to refuse work.

►    Weekly Fire Alarm Tip: Never re-enter the building until you have been given an okay from the manager or the fire department to do so!!! Fire alarm procedures are tested once a quarter.  Your score on this test plays a part in the amount of your quarterly bonus.  A complete answer key is returned with each graded test.  If you would like another copy, please ask Jen!!

►    We have revised the pool startup coupons, to give you an item number on the 40% off, and allow for stapling a copy of the receipt instead of filling out information.  It also raises the coupon price of a lesson from $40 to $50.

►    We had six people look us up in Yelp last week, but none of them clicked through to our website.

►        From the Reader’s Digest:A Milwaukee couple called a neighbor to extend birthday greetings.  They dialed his number and then sang “Happy Birthday” into the telephone.  But when they had finished their off-key rendition, they discover they had the wrong number.  “Don’t let it bother you,” said the stranger.  “You folks sure can use the practice!”

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