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November 14, 2015

Nov. 162015

►    Thank you to Mia for your persistence in creating the hot tub sale last week; plus all your work in setting it up.

►    Customer Feedback:  Customer Laurie H., from Ayer, MA stated that her general shopping experience with us was Excellent.  Did any of our team members do an unusually good job?  “Mia, I called just looking for some information on pool vacuums.  Mia was so friendly, knowledgeable, and patient.”  Sales help were rated Excellent.  “Your return policy (2 weeks from Memorial Day), and the fact that you do repairs on site helped seal the deal.”  Operations people were rated Excellent.  “Efficient!  They even carried it to the car for me.”  Product performance was rated Excellent.  “We have purchased pool furniture from you and it’s held up extremely well.”  She would recommend us to a friend.

►    New advertising and weekly specials start Sunday, November 15:  “Family Fun Specials”. Everything else continues.

►    Happy Birthday to Corey on Friday, November 13.

►    Happy Fifth Anniversary to Rose, on Sunday, November 22.

►    Note:  From November to March, we will now have a cake each month to honor anyone with a birthday or anniversary.  This weekend we will have cake in the Coffee Shop for our November honorees:  Corey – Birthday, Rose – 5 year Anniversary.

►    From Anne-Marie: After finishing a recent mailer, we find that a number of envelopes were returned to us from the post office due to “No mail receptacle”.  Many of these are current customers of ours.  I’ve marked these addresses in RetailPro by “NO MAIL RECEPTACLE” on Address2 of the customer’s record. Cashiers: If you come across a customer’s record with this, and you are talking with the customer – please have them give you an accurate mailing address to replace this with.  If you have any questions about this, please see me.  Thank you.

►     From Ann A.: We have received two videos from Gloster and Lloyd Flanders on the production of their furniture that I would like all sales associates to watch. The first video is for Lloyd Flanders and is on a CD which I will leave at the Design Center.  This video shows how the paper loom product is manufactured at their plant in Menominee, Michigan.  This is a short video which we will probably run on a loop during patio season.  This video is about 5 minutes long.  The second is a video from Gloster called “From Seed to Seat”.  This video has been downloaded onto the Design Center computer.  This is an excellent video that shows how the Gloster product is manufactured from the time a teak seedling is planted in the ground all the way up to boxing up the product for shipping.  This is a longer video so I would allow at least 10 minutes to watch it.  Again, we will try to loop this video during patio season.

►    The “FREE Stuff” box is in the lunch room for a week.  Get them while they’re hot!

►    News of The Weird from the Hippo:  Since the 13th century, sheepherders in Spain have had the right (still honored) to use 78,000 miles of paths in the country for seasonal flock migrations – even some streets of Madrid, including a crossing of Puera del Sol, described as Madrid’s Times Square.  The shepherds pay a customary, token duty, which, according to an October Associated Press dispatch, the government proudly accepts, given the prominence of Spain’s native Merino sheep breed in the world’s wool market.

►    All in a Day’s Work from the Reader’s Digest:

Client: The blue looks OK, but it would be great if it was a little more orange.  Like “blorange.

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