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November 18, 2017

Nov. 202017

►      The Santa’s Rebate is being extended!  Not the time to get it (ends Saturday December 2) but the time to get the table installed.  We are putting Santa’s Rebate Extended signs on the rebate signs, to allow 10 more days to install – or unlimited days after January 2.

►      Jim S. from Hollis, NH recently sent in a report card to us.  He said his general shopping experience was excellent because of “the help of the staff”.  When asked if anyone did a particularly good job his response was, “they all are wonderful”.  He gave us excellent marks on sales help, operations, communication, and our products.  Jim said that he would definitely recommend us to a friend and that we do really well “every time”.  When asked what we could do to improve Jim simply said, “keep doing what you are”.

►     Advertising, specials, and sales all continue from last week, except the 36 month 0% financing, which ends Sunday November 19th. Family Fun Specials.  On Monday November 20th the special Wells Fargo financing will switch to 12 month no interest, at only par $200.

►     Starting Thanksgiving weekend:  Black Friday Doorbusters; Wednesday November 22 to Sunday November 26.  Look for the bright yellow signs for details.

►      Also starting on November 22:  20% off a cue case with purchase of a cue, plus our Pre-Christmas Sale with items throughout the store.  The items are the same as last week – the signs are new.

►      We are advertising for people with swimming pool experience to work in our pool department, full time or part time.  If they are experienced service technicians, we would consider putting them in the pool store too.

►      We used to have no problem keeping up with our pallets.  While most stores pay to throw them away (rent a construction debris dumpster, cut them up, etc.) we have had a pallet supplier take them.  Our deal:  he takes the ones he can resell (the good ones) and also takes the bad ones that he has to burn to get rid of.  For the past few years, he hasn’t taken enough.  He tells me that it is because, we give them away, so people take the good ones and he gets stuck with the bad ones.  And other businesses make it much easier for him to take them.

Sunday I found a couple with a pickup truck loaded with good pallets (which we sell to the public for $3 each).  They told me that the “girl at the cash register” told them “take as many as you want”.  For free.

So it’s hard for me to tell our pallet guy that we don’t give away the good ones, when I know that we do.

Oh, and the couple with the pickup truck didn’t need good ones – they are going to burn them!

So good ones are $3 each, and bad ones are $3 total for the first one, and the rest are free.  There is a sign next to the pallets which you can’t read, because the shrub grew up in front of it.  I’ll try to get that fixed.  And the price is in your register books.

►      It is not necessary to pre-make the water tube kits – we already have a sign that describes and prices them.  We do it during the busiest time of winterizing season to save time.  It is not necessary to take them apart off-season, but if you find yourself needing a size water tube that’s in the kit, just take a kit apart!

►     Events during the next couple of weeks:

November 18: Happy November Birthday Ryan. Celebrate with birthday cake in the coffee shop, while it lasts.

November 22-26:  Black Friday, Plaid Friday, and Small Business Saturday. Doorbusters!

November 23: Closed Thanksgiving, so we can all be with our families.

►     Laughter The Best Medicine: PRN is a medical abbreviation of the Latin pro re nata, meaning “when necessary”.  Apparently, some nurses never learned their abbreviations.  One day, a senior nurse walked into a patient’s room to find a suppository shoved up his nose.  When she confronted the younger nurse who was responsible, the latter admitted that she thought PRN stood for “per right nostril”.

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