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November 25, 2017

Nov. 272017

►      Jim S., who sent in last week’s Report Card, also gave us a Service and Repair Report Card.  He had Tod out to do a safety cover installation for him and was extremely pleased with the results.  He gave us Excellent scores across the board – from how the initial call was handled to the reasonable price and the work being done in a safe manner.  Jim said that he would definitely recommend us to a friend because all our staff are wonderful and he’s been a customer for 30+ years!

►     Advertising, specials, and sales all continue from last week: Family Fun Specials.

►     Black Friday, Plaid Friday, and Small Business Saturday Doorbusters end on Sunday 11/26.

►     Congratulations to Kristine, who was honored by her Dale Carnegie class for Outstanding Performance.

►     Fun Fact!  We have red warning lights around the building to save you the trouble of checking lights.  One is at the bottom of the Mezzanine stairs to tell you the mezzanine lights are on.  Two are next to the side yard door to tell you if we left the side yard lights on.  One each above the bathrooms to tell you someone left those lights on – or is still in there.  Of course, if you don’t shut off the lights when you finish, that doesn’t help much.

►     Anne-Marie recently sent out a reminder to people who have $100 or more in unclaimed Rewards rebates, reminding them that they expire in a month.  So far I know of one person coming in and spending $267 with $165 in Rewards, and another just spent the Rewards money with nothing extra.  I guess we are very nice people.

►     We are giving away a free set of pucks and pushers with two of our air hockey games:  The 8’ Ice Raptor and the 7’ Wicked Ice.  Partly to be nice, partly to sell more tables, and partly because we find the original pushers to be difficult to control.  The manufacturer and the other Seasonal stores, however, disagree; they think we’re too picky.

►     We are preparing for the transition to stock Championship Invitational cloth with pool tables.  It still costs $60 to switch to it from Mali Premier ($90 if we have to order it) but we will switch to it for free if we ran out of both sizes of Premier.  For instance, we have discontinued Euro Blue in Premier, so it is free in Championship Invitational.  But we still have Dark Green, so it is $60 to switch.  The cloth books have the equivalent color names.

►     Reminders:

We are running 20% off a cue case when you buy a 2-piece cue. This is a special for Christmas presents. Your advice to people shopping for a cue as a Christmas present:

  1. Add a cue case: it makes for a much nicer gift and anyone who travels with a cue will need a case. And even if they don’t travel the case is a perfect place to store the cue.
  2. Don’t knock yourself out trying to choose a gift cue. Pick something that looks nice, at the right price. Ask us for a gift receipt. Think of the cue and case as a really nice-looking gift certificate. Then if the recipient wants to trade it for another, they have until January 25 to trade it for another cue.

Whenever you ring up a 2-piece cue, you give the customer a Seasonal Pocket Chalk and our cue care directions.

     November 22-26: Black Friday, Plaid Friday, and Small Business Saturday. Doorbusters!

November 23: Closed Thanksgiving, so we can all be with our families.

December 16: Happy December Birthday to Kristine and Joe. Celebrate with birthday cake in the coffee shop, while supplies last.

December 24: Closing at 3PM for Christmas Eve.

December 25: Closed all day. Merry Christmas!

►     From Anne-Marie: Just a reminder that we are saving the pull tabs from soda cans for the Shriners. There is a container hanging from the bulletin board in the break room for that purpose.

►     Laughter The Best Medicine: Two years after my heart attack, I was teaching my college course when I suddenly felt some discomfort in my chest. I paused the class to pop my medication and quickly felt better. “Now, if I ever do have a heart attack,” I told my students, “I will give extra credit to whoever gives me CPR”. One of them shouted out, “How much?

Sharon Harvey, Bloomington, Minnesota

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