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November 28, 2015

Nov. 302015

►    Anne-Marie is going to Aruba on the Jonas trip next week.  We wish her a good time.

►    Customer Feedback:  Customer W.H. S., from Amherst, NH stated that their general shopping experience with us was Excellent.  Did any of our team members do an unusually good job?  “Patrick – Negotiator; Allison – Product; Joe C. – Setup and delivery.”  Sales help, operations, communication, and product performance were all rated Excellent.  “This was not our first purchase from you.  Because of our first experience being excellent, we came back.”  They would recommend us to a friend.  What do we do really well?  “Listen and negotiate.”

►    The Black Friday promotion that started Thursday ends on Sunday, November 29.

►    New advertising, promotions, weekly specials, and a new 35% off sale all start Sunday, November 29:  “Family Fun Sale”.  Your November 35% sale ends Saturday, November 28.  December’s color is light pink.

►    Marquis is closing for three weeks around the holidays, so we will be doing our December 10 order on December 2nd.  Otherwise, we won’t see anything until February!

►    I was in a short interview on channel nine last Sunday; representing retailers in New Hampshire.  It’s a couple of minutes, one take, no editing.  You can see it at:  www.wmur.com, then click on News, then Project Economy, then NH Business.

►    News of The Weird from the Hippo:  Four villagers in northeast Kenya, angry that cheetahs were killing their goats, lay in wait one night in November and then chased down and captured the cheetahs.  Cheetahs are regarded as the fastest mammals on Earth, but they lack endurance; Kenyans are marathon prodigies.  Indeed, the cheetahs were captured only when they ran out of gas after about four miles of pursuit by the Kenyans, and were handed over alive, and exhausted, to the Kenyan Wildlife Service.

►    All in a Day’s Work from the Reader’s Digest: Among the questions on the job-application forms I handed out at our factory was one asking whom to notify in case of an accident.  One job seeker wrote, “Anybody in sight.”

Feb. 182019
►     This week’s report card comes from the Smerekaniczs from New Boston.  They said that their shopping experience was excellent, mostly because Stephanie was so amazing.  They also said that the best thing we could do for our business would...
Feb. 112019
►     The Whites from Londonderry send us some very positive feedback!  “We love shopping at Seasonal Specialty Stores – there is such a great selection!  Everyone was awesome.  Nobody did a bad job – everyone was great.  You have a...
Feb. 22019
►     James & Jackie from Westford, MA have this to say about us:  Always professional and efficient.  Sean helped us buy a Saber grill.  Everyone was timely and polite and nobody did an unusually bad job.  We really appreciate the...