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Pools & Pool Supplies



Pools have always been one of our main focuses at Seasonal Specialty Stores.

Purchasing an above-ground pool can be very simple or very complicated.  We’re happy to give you as much or as little information as you’d like!  Come into the store and let us assist you in picking out a new pool to fit your needs, or help you maintain your pool the best we possibly can.

Here at Seasonal Specialty Stores we sell the highest quality pools and pool supplies.  We believe that your backyard oasis should be strong enough to last a lifetime, and beautiful enough that you’ll be happy to see it do so.  We provide you with the best above ground pools in the business, with plenty of advice and supplies to keep that pool in the best shape.

Read below for more information on why we’ve chosen the pool brands we sell.

Sold at a great price point, Carvin Pools are not only beautiful, they’re also easy to install, built for sturdiness and great weight distribution, and made from 100% injected resin.

What makes Sharkline so unique is that they make the frame and wall on every pool, deck, fence, and ladder system.  With Sharkline, you’re not buying a pool pieced together from parts made throughout the world; you’re buying an American-made pool from a family that’s been designing pools for 50 years.

Atlantic Pools

Atlantic pools are favorites in the industry due to their design, which is specifically designed to simplify installation by homeowners.  The ease of assembly has also made Atlantic pools a favorite of professional installers.

Water Testing

We are currently operating one of the largest, most sophisticated pool water laboratories in the United States, running all three of the leading programs on a server.  Our lab is the first place to start, but if you have a problem to solve, make sure that we know about it and address it.  Those of us on duty at the Pool Store counter are available to help, so the Water Lab technician can get as many people as possible in and out.  Don’t rely solely on the printout for problem-solving, we’ll be happy to have a highly trained staff person work with you.

Pool Schools

Let us help you make pool care safe, easy, and fun.  All seats are limited, so please call or register online.  All classes are in the store.  The schedule should be posted in early April and there will generally be about a dozen classes every year.  Plus, they’re FREE!


Read descriptions and sign up here.

Pool Supplies

Here’s a small sampling of what we carry:

  • Automatic Pool Cleaners by Maytronics: Dolphin and Polaris
  • Chemical Systems by Baquacil, Bioguard, Oxygen, Target, and others
  • Safety Covers by Loop Loc, New Century, Latham, Meyco, and GLI
  • Filters, Pumps, and Motors by Pentair, Hayward, Starite, Waterway, and others
  • Heaters by Pentair & Hayward for propane and natural gas, heat pumps by Nirvana & AquaCal
  • Parts & Fittings for every major brand
  • Pool Liners by Swimline, GLI, and Merlin
  • Solar Covers by Target.  Heavy duty and extra heavy covers that heat 23% better
  • Swimming Pools by Sharkline, Carvin, Atlantic, and Intex
  • Winter Pool Covers by Target.  Deluxe, Supreme, and Commercial 144-weave covers.  All solid three-layer rip-stop materials.  All with extra large five and six-foot overlaps so that your cover lasts longer.  Plus we can order mesh, solid vinyl, leaf nets, and other fabric covers

Rental Equipment

Why buy it if you only need it once in a while?  You can rent all these from us:

  • Air Compressor
  • Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Cover Pump
  • Drain Jet, up to 2 1/2″
  • Electric Space Heater
  • Intellichlor Spacer Cell
  • Skimmer Repair Dam and pump, for skimmer and lights
  • Wheeled Flex Vacuum Head

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