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Pool Tips

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We write Pool Tips™ for the exclusive use of our own local customers. They are meant as a summary of general information, to be discussed in our store, with our staff, to determine which items are best for specific pools.
  • Do Not follow any advice or suggestions here without coming into the store, customizing them to your specifics, and receiving them in writing.
  • Do Not reproduce for any purpose whatever. They are all copyrighted, and we take our copyrights very seriously.
  • Don’t Blame Us for anything. It’s free advice, and worth the price paid. We’re trying to help, but pools are complex, and chemicals and electricity are dangerous. The limit to our liability is the price you paid, which is zero. We take no liability for how you use this information.
  • Our Best Advice: Go find a local pool dealer who knows what they are doing, become a steady customer, and give them a chance to learn about you and your pool. Pick a brand, pick a store, and stay with them.

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Bioslime III Background
Bioslime I: Treatment for Chlorine or Bromine ONLY
Bioslime II: Treatment for Baquacil
Chemical Safety for Commercial Pools & Spas
Cloudy Water
Converting from Baquacil® to Chlorine or Bromine
Converting from Chlorine or Bromine to Baquacil®
Ice Damage Insurance Estimates
Ionization Purification: The Straight Story
Pool Opening
Pool Water Conservation
Pool Winterizing
Blow-Up Pools, Splasher Pools, or Kiddy Pools
Water Testing
Water Balance