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Basic Rules of Billiards

Basic Rules of Billiards

Ah, billiards. The game seems simple enough: just hit some balls into pockets on billiard tables. However, there are specific rules, as with everything. If you were to play 8 or 9 ball, would you still be able to move from game to game? Are all the rules the same? Many of us are familiar […]

Benefits of Billiards

Billiard tables have been around for years and are in many bars, hotels, and resorts. Pool is an entertaining game, and playing provides some nice benefits.┬áDuring a typical game of pool, you could be playing for at least 2 hours, maybe even longer. This long of a match, though you don’t feel it, is working […]

A Brief History of Billiards

When it comes to billiard tables, no low-impact activity has been around as long. Popular enough to have pool halls in every town and the ability to become a trick sport, billiards have captured the American ideals since its inception. In the United States, there is no set time frame when billiards came to the […]