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An Autumn bash is the perfect way to end the season

Oct. 312014

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The summer may have waned but it isn’t time to store away that gas grill or patio furniture just yet. Putting together and Autumn bash for family, friends, and neighbors is just the thing to lighten everyone’s spirits before the winter sets in.

  • Send out your invitations to everyone a couple of weeks before you plan the event. This will give all of your potential guests an opportunity to work you into their schedules. If you wait until the last minute, no one will come. In addition, figure out a main course or two that you would like to prepare and offer on the gas grill and then ask everyone else to bring an additional dessert or side dish for the bash. Soup and chili are always favorites at this time of the year. This will greatly ease your party budget and will, at the same time, offer your guests a tremendous variety of different foods.
  • You can hold it both outdoors and indoors depending on the number of guests. Set out several folding tables with folding chairs, along with your patio furniture, so your guests have a proper venue in which to eat. Your yard should be littered with Fall gaiety. Pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows and cornstalks should be everywhere. Brightly colored orange and black streamers and balloons will add some additional whimsy.
  • Your tables should have brightly colored tablecloths and there is any number of Fall ideas you can come up with for centerpieces. Make sure there are pumpkins and candles everywhere, especially for when the sun goes down. The added ambiance of candlelight will enhance the mood. In this vein, you may want to have a wood or gas fire pit set up and get a roaring fire going. Don’t wait for darkness to set in. You can keep the fire pit going all party long. Your patio furniture will look comfortable and cozy huddled around the fire.
  • Don’t forget the children. There is a variety of Fall themed games designed for children that will keep them engaged and active throughout the festivities.

Getting an opportunity to fire up the gas grill and relax in the patio furniture around a glowing fire with friends and family is an event and opportunity you just can’t let go by.

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