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Are you ready for a new patio?

LunarFusion-LocWEBIs it time to upgrade your outdoor living space? Is it time to create a new home for that new patio furniture? An outdoor living space can add value to both your life and your home and there are so many options to choose from.

  • One patio style that is perfect for that new patio furniture is the attached patio. It extends out from your home with a pad of concrete or, perhaps, tile. Your patio furniture will have to hold up to all kinds of weather because the attached patio has neither walls nor a roof.
  • Courtyard patios are an option than can bring a touch of glamour to your home. Courtyard patios are walled and have a small entranceway located in one of the walls. Courtyards are, perhaps, the oldest form of a patio and are found throughout the world in every country.
  • The poolside patio is a traditional welcome to the summer season. These are heavily used and generally made of durable materials. Also, the new patio furniture tends to be rugged and weather resistant so as to stand up to the elements as well as the constant use.
  • A lanai is a unique patio option. It is much like an extended open or attached patio except it has a roof to protect from blistering sun or the rain. Lanai’s are found in such tropical climates as Florida and Hawaii. Some owners choose to enclose their lanai with screens and windows or even half walls.
  • For the city dweller, the roof patio is a nice option in which to escape the noise of the city. There is, generally some surrounding foliage or short walls for privacy but, combined with the right patio furniture, can offer a true escape.