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Apr. 22015

Breezesta LogoBreezesta sells very well for us as long as we show all of the items indoors and not outdoors in the pool park so we will keep as many items inside as we can.  We did not have any new additions to the line this year.  We kept everything the same as last season as far as new product.  Here’s a recap of what we have:Skyline Dining -Locweb

The Skyline dining set with both 58” square and 60” rectangular tables.  We’ll show both tables with the 60” backless bench and armless patio chair in the two-toned Weathered Wood & Chocolate finish combination.  The 58” set will retail for $3,599 with two benches & four chairs and the 60” rectangle will retail for $2,499 with two benches and two chairs.

The Basic adirondack chair and footrest sold reasonably well.  We will show these again in colors Cedar, Redwood & Forest Green.  The adirondack will retail for $339, footrest $129 and matching chat table for $129.  We will also stock the 60” Skyline Garden bench with arms for $529, Skyline Garden chair with arms for $369 and the 60” backless bench for $349.  All three of these pieces will be shown in Redwood finish only.

The Windsail adirondack has sold very poorly so we will continue to keep these on clearance until they are gone.  The only color left is Blueberry.

Breezesta has introduced for 2015 a mini “Quick Ship” program for a few of their most popular items.  On page 6 of the catalogue you can see a list of the items available.  Any item ordered from the Quick Ship program will ship on the next business day.  The items available are only available in a select few colors so please check the catalogue carefully before ordering.  These items in the catalogue are also noted with a QS symbol for easier identification.

A neat little thing that Breezesta has also added to their catalogue is a “Milk Jug” symbol beside every picture of each item in their line-up.  This symbol notes the number of recycled milk jugs it takes to produce that item.  For example the 58” x 58” square dining table we stock takes 1,871 jugs to produce.  This is just trivial information but a fun fact you can share with your customers.  This goes to prove that recycling does have its benefits!!

I also wanted to mention that Breezesta has on their website a few videos showing exactly how their recycled plastic is made.  I expect all sales associates to view these video so you are well versed on the production of this unique product. Visit www.Breezesta.com to view the videos.  Links are toward the bottom of the page.

When special ordering Breezesta there are few points that I want to mention.  Remember that when ordering an item in a two-tone finish you will need to upcharge the price by 5%.  Also, when ordering seating pieces with cushions (ex. sofa) you will need to price the cushions as either a Standard fabric or Premium fabric.  Also remember that piping is an optional upcharge of $34 per item and piping is only available in two colors:  Black and Linen.  I have inserted a sales note in the front of the catalogue highlighting the most pertinent pricing issues that you may incur!!

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