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Apr. 32017


C.R. Plastics was a new vendor for us during the 2016 season and they were a huge success. As I said earlier the category of recycled plastic is growing at a tremendous rate and because of that C.R. Plastics is becoming a very important vendor for us. We have done exceptionally well with their adirondacks. When we were at the casual market more than one person commented that CR Plastics makes an outstanding adirondack chair that is really hard to beat in style, price and comfort.  That being said we are increasing our variety and stock levels in the adirondack category!

In Adirondacks our best-selling style is the upright (seat height 17”) and the best-selling color is Slate Grey.  The color white came in a very close second to the Slate Gray in both color and style.  Each of these chairs will retail separately at $369 each.   Because of the success of these two cobalcony-dining-red-locweblors/styles we decided to piggy back on the success of the Breeezesta counter height Tete-a-Tete and offer these two adirondacks with a Tete-a-Tete option at regular seat height.  The Tete-a-Tete table from CRP is different in that it is actually a complete table as the center connecting piece unlike just the board that is offered by Breezesta.  So we will offer two upright adirondacks & tete-a-tete table as a 3 piece set for $999.  This set will be available in either the Slate Grey or White.  If customers want to just buy an adirondack they can still do that and in addition we brought in matching 18” rectangular side tables in both colors that will retail for $99 each.  We will still be offering cup holders and they are priced at $32 each.

In the Standard Adirondack height (seat height 16”) we are introducing a new color of Blue.  This new color will retail for $369.  In addition we will continue to stock colors Cedar and Beige at $369 each.  Both of these colors were slow seller so we did not reorder them.  Once they are sold out we will probably replace them with new colors options.

The next new introduction in adirondacks are the Candy Coats. These brightly colored two toned adirondacks will be floored in 5 fun colors.  Each chair is two toned and paired with white in either Blue, Fuchsia, Lime, Orange or Yellow.  We are only able to order these fun colors on our early buy order so they are not available by special order and will be sold as stock only.  So once there gone there gone!!!  These fun colors will be floored in the Upright height and will retail for $369 each.

Again this year we will continue to show the Pub height dining set from last season in a white finish that includes a 40” square pub table, two swivel pub chairs and two stationary pub chairs.  This 5 piece set will retail for $2,499.  As a reminder when selling this set that if you sell an umbrella with it you will need a 45’ bottom pole to use with the table. A 32” or 36” bottom pole will not work with this table.  A few of these were missed last season and caused one or two issues.  I have listed the bottom pole option on the set sign as a reminder!


GLOSTERGloster Logo

Again this season we will continue to focus on seating groups from Gloster just like we have the past two years. Dining from Gloster has been tough for us the last two years but we do seem to have more success with transitional dining.  That being said we are adding one new transitional set to our line up and scaling back on the traditional teak dining.  Here is what our line up looks like this year:

The Ventura seating set has been our most consistent selling seating set in the Gloster line.  In the past we displayed this set as a chat set but last year we decided to bring in a sofa and display this as a traditional configuration.  We did not sell any stock sofas but we special ordered a few off the floor model so we can say it was actually a good move to bring in a sofa for display.  So this year we will again floor the sofa and two reclining arm chairs.  There were no price increases for this set so the sofa will retail for $3,299 and reclining arm chairs for $1,499 each.  This is again shown in Sunbrella Canvas Navy fabric.  Mia has selected three new fabrics for throw pillows in new sunburst and leaf patterns to zip up the set!

Again this year we will floor the Cape Sectional.  We will be stocking this 5 piece sectional with a left & right end unit, corner wedge and two armless center units in Sunbrella fabric Pebble.   This sectional will retail for $5,399 and be shown with Oyster Reef square end tables.  We are still searching for the perfect cocktail table to go with this set.  When we find it we’ll let you know what it is!! J

The Cape Chaise Lounges from last season were a little slow selling.  We did not re-order these and we still have one left in stock.  We will mark this as clearance and reselect something else for next season.  The chaise is shown in Sunbrella Canvas Navy fabric and retails for $2,129.

The first new seating set for this season is the Pepper Marsh wovenpepper_marsh_deep_seating_5397web vinyl and teak set.  We needed to add another seating set to our Gloster line up and we have been missing a woven wicker set for some time.  Pepper Marsh is a nice transitional set and we will display it on a smaller scale and show a two seat sofa (loveseat) for $2,599, lounge chair $1,529 and ottoman $829.  The cushion fabric shown will be Sunbrella fabric Enlighten Fern (muted green) and again Mia has selected throw pillows in coordinating solid and leaf pattern fabrics.  We will show this set with a Dansk coffee table $1,199 and Dansk round side table $539.

The second new seating set this season is Grand Weave.  Jeanne alwaysgrand-weave-with-arborweb told me that every season we need to display a “WOW” set.  Mia & I think this season’s set is going to be the Grand Weave!  This is a contemporary woven vinyl set we will display as a large single corner unit.  We refer to this piece as the “bed” as it measure 61” wide by 61” deep.  This is about the size of a full size bed.  This piece will be shown in Sunbrella Rain fabric Shadow so you can safely say you can leave it outside in the rain!!  This piece will also come with two firm structured back pillows and two large soft throw pillows.  The intent being that the firmer pillows will be used for back support and the throw pillows for just snuggling up or taking a nap!  I guarantee when you lay on this bed you will instantly want to take a nap!!  This Grand Weave bed will retail for $7,399 and is our most expensive single item to be shown this season.  The frame finish is color Meteor (dark charcoal) and the wicker weave is color Basalt.

Moving onto dining, we will again, show the traditional Kingston dining chair collection.  We will be showing this set with a 77” Bristol rectangular table, 6’ Madison bench, 2 Kingston arm chairs and 2 Kingston side chairs.   This traditional teak set will retail for $5,699.  This set is an old standby set for us.  We have floored the Kingston dining chairs in just about every conceivable configuration there is in dining.  I am confident this will be a good selling set!

The only new dining set this season will be the Carver Assorted dining. We decided it was time to move away from the Bristol dining tables and try to bring in a more transitional table then the standard 100% traditional teak.  We thought about trying something totally contemporary (non-teak) but Charlie Hesson thought that maybe we should ease our way into the contemporary category and the Carver collection is a nice combination of teak and aluminum.  We also thought it would be a good idea to show more variety in transitional dining chair options and from that thought has come the assorted dining set.  We will display on the floor a Carver 67” rectangular table with a teak top and aluminum legs in Meteor finish.  The table only price will be $2,899.  With this table we are going to display a selection of five different dining chairs that customers can choose from.  This is going to be our mix n ’match set.  Customers will be able to select the chair of their choice and pair them up with the Carver dining table.  This display concept will allow us to show five different collections in one complete setting.  This will save us floor space (which is at a premium) and still give customers the selection they expect from us! 2002wb-curve-dining-chair The first dining chair we will show is a repeat from last season.  We were extremely successful with the Curve dining chair.  We showed last year’s aluminum & teak combination chair in a White finish and with a teak seat and this year we are adding a second aluminum frame color of Meteor. The Curve chair will retail for $549 each.  The second new chair is the One Hundred Eighty (180).  This aluminum sling dining chair will be shown in Meteor finish with a Charcoal colored sling.  This chair will retail for $549.   The next chair is the Sway chair which is a sling chair with a teak frame and aluminum arms.  This chair will be shown in Meteor frame finish with a Granite sling and will sell for $599.  The final chair in the mix n’ match set is the William.  This chair falls into the same category as the Grand Weave bed.  This is our “WOW” dining chair.  This chair is made of an aluminum frame with teak seatwilliam-dining-chair slats.  What sets this chair apart from all the others is the way the chair is constructed.  The teak slats are actually bent to form the seat of the chair.  They did not use the old run of the mill straight slats to form the seat.  Once you actually see this chair in person you will see the uniqueness of its design.  This chair is the Mercedes of Gloster dining chairs and this chair will retail for a whopping $1,199 each. Because this chair is so terribly expensive we only ordered one and it will be used as the floor model.  If a customer would like to special order this chair we will honor the stock price of $1,199 because it is so expensive.  This is the only item in the patio line up that we will special order for a customer at the stock, as shown price!!!!

We still have one set left of the Bristol Rye dining set with the small 72” oval extension table.  We are showing this clearance set with 6 Rye side chairs for $4,879 and it is marked as clearance.  This set will not be re-ordered due to poor sales.

Again this year Gloster is continuing on with their custom made storage covers.  You can now order a made to fit storage cover for every piece in Gloster’s line.   The special order item #’s for each cover are listed in the back of the Gloster price book.  Basically the item # for the cover is the Gloster stock # preceded by the letters (CV).  You will notice on the floor signs that I have added the corresponding Gloster item # for the appropriate storage cover for the items listed on the sign.  I have also highlighted in red that the storage cover is made by Gloster.  I noted this as to not confuse the item # with the Treasure Garden storage covers we stock.  Please note that we are not stocking any Gloster furniture covers and all covers must be special ordered directly from Gloster.  Unfortunately, the Treasure Garden covers we stock are just not a great fit for most of the Gloster line.  The Gloster storage covers should not be a hard sell for any Gloster customer.  If they are willing to buy Gloster products they would certainly want to purchase the perfectly fitting cover to go along with their purchase. Please note that Gloster covers can also ship directly to a customer’s house.  They are a UPS/Fed Ex able items!

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