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Grill Like A Pro

Jul. 172017

When it comes to grilling, it may seem as though there are plenty of ways to cook. You can gas grillsuse gas grills, a charcoal grill, or any grill that meets your fancy. There are plenty of things you can cook, too. However, when it comes to grilling, there are the amateurs then there are the pros. Think of Bobby Flay: people know him for his grilling obsession, and many of his restaurants are backyard themed due to his love of the grill. With cookouts on their way for many family and friends, it is time for you to figure out the tips and tricks of the trade with some tips from the Reluctant Gourmet.

Clean Grill Leads to Grill Master

After making sure your grill is clean from the last use, you are truly ready to start preparing to wow your friends and family with your newly found skills. It is important that you clean your grill to ensure that all of the bacteria and food residues from the last cookout is gone and will not transfer onto the fresh food that you are going to be cooking.

Patience With Heat

When it comes to grilling, it is important that you allow the grill to heat up and get hot. Nothing is instantaneous when it comes to cooking your meals. You need to remember that there are plenty of ways to entertain your guest, so you do not need to be in a rush to cook the food. Most guests will understand that the grill needs to be at the right temperature. As you add things to the grill and open the lid, you are going to lose heat. So, making sure you are right means a nice sear and faster cook time (relatively speaking).

Have Ingredients Ready to Go

The worst thing about relying on a grill for your food is that once your grill is ready, it isn’t waiting for you. Once your grill reaches peak hit, it will slowly begin to die out, especially with charcoal. Gas grills do not have this problem, but you do not want to be scrambling to get the food while worrying about the rack. Know what you are cooking and what is required such as sitting time, defrosting, and the other main components that need time to be able to work out.

Allow Your Food to Cook

The final tip for grilling like a pro that we want to talk about is leaving the food alone. While you may be anxious to check the meat and make sure it is done or to flip the burger, it is best that you wait. The more you move the food, the more you are allowing it to cool down, which will make it cook longer rather than faster. When it comes to grilling, let it sit the full time on the side and just let it melt naturally.

If you can avoid these amateur griller disasters, you are certainly on your way to becoming an individual who will be able to continue to grill like a pro with gas grills. You will find that if you allow yourself to do these things, your food will be better, the company happier, and your cookouts more enjoyable.

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