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Health Benefits of a Gas Grill

May. 222017

Twin Eagle grillGas grills are highly popular ways to enjoy the weather and the company of family and friends. Nothing quite allows for as much flavor as grilled burgers and dogs or even a few steaks and chickens. There is nothing that you cannot cook outside on a beautiful day. Especially when the weather tops 90 degrees, it is preferable to cook outside instead of using a stove or oven, which would make the temperature in the kitchen unbearable. The good thing is that many times when you cook on the grill, many health benefits come with it. While nothing is 100% healthy anymore, there are some surprising benefits that many don’t focus on today. Botsford Hospital in Michigan got their dietician a few years ago to come up with certain advantages that come from grilling your food, and we were euphoric to hear them!


Fat drips away from the foods              

We know a few people who love the crunchy fat bits or chunky pieces in general because they hold the flavor of the meat, and there are others who hate it. Still, it is important to remember that it is not the greatest for you. Excess fat can lead to weight issues, high cholesterol, and blood pressure. So while for some it is the best part, it is healthier for it to drip away from the meat.


Vegetables keep vitamins and minerals

Vegetables are loaded with minerals when they are raw, which is why they are part of a healthy balanced diet. However, when you boil vegetables, you are draining these vitamins and minerals. When you cook broccoli, for example, and see the water take on a slight greenish tinge, those are some of the chemicals that are essential to the benefits of the vegetables. When you steam, stir-fry or grill the vegetables, they maintain more of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. While they will still lose some, you will ingest more.


Tender food means less saucy additions

We all know that dry meats lead to loading on the barbecue or A1 Steak Sauce, which is where a majority of your calories would settle. When you cook on gas grills, the flames create a seal around the meat. It will tend to keep the food more juicy than other ways. While it will lose some moisture as it cooks, it is more likely to seal and lock the moisture, leading to tender cuts of meat. They are easier to eat without added oil, butter, or sauces, which means fewer calories.


Riboflavin and Thiamine

Both forms of the B vitamin – Riboflavin and Thiamine – have a lot of benefits for the body. Riboflavin, for example, can help prevent cervical cancer, migraines, and acne, muscle cramps, and carpal tunnel. Thiamine can help with inflammation while pregnant, digestive problems, heart disease and for AIDS with boosting the immune system. These two forms of Vitamin B are essential for your body so having the meat retain these vitamins is vital.



When it comes to grilling out, it is important that you follow all your cooking safety rule, especially with gas grills and the flames. However, remember that all food can be healthy, just watch what you add. Now that you know the benefits to grilling, though, you can quickly inform everyone that there is nothing wrong with eating some excellent well-done meats from the grill.

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