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May. 152017


Due to the significant increase in industry sales in the recycled plastic category we decided to bring in another new recycled manufacturer called Malibu Outdoor Living. Malibu is manufactured in Rhode Island and they make their recycled lumber (high density polyethylene) from 100% recycled milk jugs and detergent bottles. They also use 316 marine-grade stainless steel fasteners and all of their product carries a 20 year residential warranty and 7 year commercial warranty.   There line consists of 14 optional frame colors and they make product in dining, seating, cushion and sling. maywood-sling-w-napa-table

The first set we will show from Malibu is the Maywood sling dining.  We will stock this set as a 48” round dining height table and four Maywood sling armless side chairs.  The table will be shown in a White frame finish with Light Gray table slats.  The chairs will be shown in all White finish with Sunbrella sling fabric Augustine Pewter.  This 5 piece dining set will retail for $3,099.

The second set is the Maywood cushion chat. This 5 piece chat set will consist of a 36” round conversation table, two cushioned lounge chairs and two cushioned swivel rockers.  This set will retail for $4,849 for a 5 piece set and be shown in Sunbrella fabric Milano Charcoal and frame finish Dark Gray.



This season we did not order any new product from Meadowcraft. Currently, Meadowcraft is working to stream line their production, cut waste from their manufacturing lines and decrease their lead time.  In order to achieve these goals they have scaled down their current line to just a few of the bestselling collections and decided this season to not add anything new to their assortment.  That being said we are only going forward with the three groups we currently floor.

The first collection this season is the Brantley.   We stocked this special purchase group the last two seasons and it always sells well for us regardless of what fabric we show it in. This three piece cushioned cuddle set will included two cuddle chairs and a small oval ottoman.  This group is sold as a set only and the pieces cannot be sold individually.  This group is also not available by special order.  After much frustration we were finally able to order this set at an even better price then last year.  This year this set will retail for $999 ($200 cheaper than last season) and be shown in Sunbrella fabric Canvas Blue Sky in a Chocolate frame color.

The Monticello dining height collection is always a good seller for us and monticello-diningwebwe will continue on with it in the 2017 season.  The primary configuration of this set will be a 36” square micro mesh table, two coil spring chairs and two arm chairs for $1,599 in Charcoal finish.  We will be showing the chairs with seat pads in Sunbrella fabric Dupione Deep Sea (blue).  The seat pad is included with the chair and the price of the cushion has been incorporated into the price of the chair.  In addition to the 36” table we will also stock a 48” round micro mesh table for $499 and an 84” oval micro mesh table for $829.

We are also stocking again this year the Monticello counter height dining set.  This set was a little slow selling for us last season so we have a few sets as carryover.   This set will be floored exactly the same as last season with a 60” round counter height micro mesh table, six counter height swivel stools and six chair pads for $2,899.  The chair pads will be shown in Sunbrella fabric Dorsett Cherry and the pads will be included in the price of stools.  Please remember that this is a counter height dining set and if you sell a 9’ umbrella with it you will need to also sell the customer the 36” extension pole.  The bottom poles on 9’ umbrellas are not long enough to use with this table.  If you sell the umbrella without the extension the crank handle of the umbrella hits the top of the table.

Carry over from last season is the 42” Wood Burning Fire Pit.   This sturdy, masculine looking fire pit can be loaded up with wood and turned into a “Man Sized” bonfire.  This fire pit is made of all wrought iron and it is 42” wide and 42” deep so it will hold a good amount of wood.  We’ll retail this fire pit for $749 and it is shown in a Charcoal finish.



We will continue to stock two outdoor patio heaters from Napoleon. The Large size patio heater features 40,000 BTU’s, an all stainless steel construction, wheel kit, electronic ignition and a 22’ diameter heat area.  This heater will retail for $899 and it has an approximate burn time of about 8 hours. This heater has been discontinued.  We will replace it with the newer model once it has sold out.

The second patio heater is a Table Top version that features 304 stainless steel with electronic ignition, 11,000 BTU’s, a high efficiency burner and an adjustable output.  This table top version will retail for $199 and has an approximate burn time of about 1 hour.

The only new item this season is the Hamptons square fire pit.  This fire pit is hampton-square-fire-pit-burningshown in Driftwood finish and includes a stainless steel burner, electronic ignition, Topaz colored fire jewelry, matching burner cover and 40,000 BTU’s.  The fire pit uses a standard 20 lb. propane tank and includes a natural gas conversion kit.  This fire pit will retail for $1,099.

We have one Madrid rectangular aluminum fire pit left in stock.  The new Hamptons fire pit is the replacement for the Madrid.  Once the floor model is sold it will not be reordered.  This fire pit will include a stainless steel burner, electronic ignition, Topaz colored fire jewelry and 40,000 BTU’s.  The fire pit uses a standard 20 lb. propane tank and a natural gas conversion kit is also included.  This fire pit will retail for $1,099 and is shown in a Bronze frame finish.



The first new set this season is the Wexford dining.  This dining set is made of wexford-dining-locShorea wood which is a dense, tropical wood that grows naturally in Southeast Asia.  This wood is very similar in composition to teak due to its natural oil content which makes it highly resistant to rot and infestation.  This wood will age similar to teak and will eventually turn a silvery gray color.  The Wexford dining set will feature a 48” square dining table, two backed benches and two dining arm chairs.  The benches and chairs will also come standard with a seat pad in Sunbrella fabric Canvas Dusk at no additional charge.  This five piece set will retail for $2,499.

We will continue on again with the Travira Sectional.  This is a 4 piece sectional that will retail for $3,599 and will consist of a left and right loveseat, corner wedge and large square ottoman.  This sectional is made of an aluminum frame with arm accents made out of Tekwood (faux teak) in a Natural finish.  Tekwood is a wood-alternative made from polystyrene and it looks like wood with minimal weathering or maintenance.  The seat cushions for this set are made of a water resistant sealed foam and covered with a Stone colored solution dyed acrylic fabric.

The second set from last season is the Travira Bistro.  This three piece bistro set includes a 24” square pedestal bistro table with two armless side chairs.  The set again is made of aluminum with the table top & seat slats in Tekwood in finish Vintage.  The three piece set will retail for $989.

The last carry over item is a 4’ teak bench from the Chadwick collection.  This traditional styled garden bench is made of 100% real teak and features a slatted back.  This bench will retail for $549.

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