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Apr. 162015

throw_pillowsCASUAL CUSHION

There are very few, if any changes to the Casual Cushion line up.  We’ll continue stocking the five most popular size cushions of 20” barrel pad, 44” club chair, 74” generic chaise lounge pad, 44” wicker settee pad and the 49” generic adirondack cushion.  These will be stock in a variety of colors and patterns.  We will also be adding a new item this year called a pool stoolz.  These are small square looking pieces that can be used as a stool to sit on or prop your feet on.  These are great to use as an extra seating piece or a cool item to use around a pool as they are water repellent and they will float.  They are made with a Styrofoam core that is wrapped in foam & polyester and covered in a water repellent non-woven fabric. We ordered them in 5 colors to coordinate with several of the seating groups we are flooring this year.  They will retail for either $159 or $189 depending on the fabric.  They are also available by special order!



To this years’ hammock line up we did not add any new colors in the square Soft Weave hammocks and will continue to stock colors:   Antique Beige, Light Green and Navy.  These hammocks are distinctly different in that they look just like hand woven wicker weave.  They are made of solution dyed, all weather fabric that surrounds a one inch layer of polyester fiber fill batting.  These hammocks will retail for $279.

The second type of hammock this year is the Tufted hammock bed and we added two new colors of Canvas Iris and Spectrum Dove in addition to last year’s color introduction of Canvas Capri.  This hammock is made of a top layer of Sunbrella fabric and a bottom layer of Duracord which surrounds a thick center of polyester hollow fill fiber that is made from recycled drink bottles.  This hammock also comes with an attachable tufted trapezoid-shaped head pillow of the same fabric. This Tufted bed is the BMW of hammocks and will retail for $449.

We added an additional color of Garnet to the Duracord rope hammocks.  This hammock is a Presidental size which means it is about 10” wider than a standard size hammock.  This is the hammock for the “Big Boys”!  This hammock will retail for $239 while the standard size Duracord hammocks in colors Oatmeal & Green will retail for $219.

We also added three new colors in the Quilted hammocks of Passage Poppy, Classic Red and Hampton Summer Stripe.  All will retail for $279.

We increased our selection of hammock Pillows to include three new Sunbrella colors of Canvas Iris, Canvas Navy and Canvas Turf.  We will continue to stock Leaf Chambray and Chambray Natural and all five colors will retail for $54 each.

We will also continue to stock the 15 foot steel hammock stands in Black, Forest Green & Bronze.  We added a new color this year of Taupe.  Each steel stand will retail for $219.

A new category this year for us is the Outdoor Curtain.  We have brought in a selection of outdoor curtains in three Sunbrella colors of Antique Beige, Dove Gray and Snow Sheer.  Each curtain panel is 54” wide and 84” in length and features Nickel grommets.  Each panel will retail for $109 and will be displayed on their own hanging display rack.

Another new addition this year is the Coastal cushion chair.  This unique chair is made of 100% recycled milk jugs and features a seating sling of Duracord rope and a very comfortable tufted seat cushion in Sunbrella striped fabric Decade Sand. The chair frame will be shown in color Weatherwood and will retail for $469 each.  These are great chairs to be used around a fire pit or chat table!  



Besides fire pits we brought in only one new furniture group called Vision. This is an aluminum sling group that will be shown with the Lunar Fusion fire pit as a chat set.  We are only stocking the high back swivel rocker which will retail for $499 each.  They will be shown in Sedona frame finish with Terrace (rust/black) sling fabric and a Sedona welt.  The rockers will be priced and sold individually and do not need to be sold as a set with the fire pit.  All items can be sold separately!

The remaining groups in our line-up are the same ones from last season starting with Kashton balcony dining sling set.  Kashton will be floored with a 45” square slat top balcony height table and four balcony swivel rockers and retail for $2,899.  The set will be shown in Flagstone finish with a Cordova sling.

The next carry over group we’ll show is the Kinzie formally the Benton stacking chair.  Please note that this particular chair was moved out of the Benton collection and added to a new collection called Kinzie.  Homecrest designed additional chairs to the Kinzie collection that reflect the look of the old Benton collection.  The Benton collection also now has new chair styles in that collection.  When looking at these two collections they are distinctly different so you should not have a problem identifying each.  We will again show this group (Kinzie) as a three piece bistro/seating group with two stackable sling chairs and a 30” round adjustable table.  The table adjusts in height from 19” – 29” so it can be used as an end table or as a dining table.  This group is made of aluminum and we’ll show it in a Nickel finish with Mango sling. The three piece set will retail for $959.

We will show again the Lana spring collection.  This seating collection features a new spring based chair and spring based chaise lounge.  We’ll show this group in Nickel finish with a Leena sling.  We have purchased extra 30” adjustable tables to also go along with this group.  The spring chair will retail for $379 and spring chaise lounge for $489.  These items can be sold individually as free stock and do not need to be sold as a set.

We have ordered replacement tables to go with the Legendary butterfly back sling dining collection.  This collection is discontinued and we have two sets left in stock.  We will mark this set down and clearance it out.  The two remaining sets will include a 78” glass Boat table, 4 dining arm chairs and 2 swivel rockers in Cognac finish with Tahoe sling fabric on the front and a solid Cognac colored back.    


KNF HoneybeesKNF DESIGNS (Neille Olson Home & Garden) 

There are no major changes to the line-up this year.  Everything stays the same with the exception of a new end table top pattern.  We will continue to stock the Black Leaf table in three sizes:  30”, 36” & 42” round.  We’ll also show 30” tables in patterns of Honey Bee, Finch, Black Olive, Cayenne Atlas and Provence.  Please note that these tables, will be paired with a variety of chairs, from different manufacturers.  We can always mix & match the chairs based on what the customer likes.  You are not “locked in” at selling the chairs that we display with the table.  These chairs may be sold as “free stock”.  I can always find something to put with a KNF table so be flexible with the customers.  Small side tables & plant stands are also available in a variety of patterns and colors.  We added one new plant stand pattern of Sonrisa.  According to KNF they have improved their lead time and can ship special orders in about two weeks.  KNF’s lead time over the past few years has been like a roller coaster, 2 weeks for this special order and 10 weeks for the next one.  So for this season we will quote customers a lead time of 6-8 weeks for special orders until I have consistent proof that they can ship sooner.  I am not a fan of under promising delivery times and until I see hard proof that they can ship consistently, on time, I would rather give customers a longer lead time. The catalogue & price list are up to date and there was not a price increase this year so all prices stayed the same.


Lafuma RSX ReclinerLAFUMA

The 2014 selling season was very successful for us with Lafuma and we were able to clear out a large chunk of our inventory.  With that being said we are able to bring in several new styles of zero gravity chairs this spring in a new color assortment.  As we have discussed in the past Lafuma has basically done away with their lacing system for attaching the sling beds to the chair frames and are now exclusively using the clip system technology.  We will be stocking 10 different chair styles in 9 different color selections and the chairs will price in range from $119  for a Cham’Elips chair to $349 for an Evolution  Air Comfort zero gravity recliner.  Please note that Lafuma has done away with the XL size recliners and are now just making their recliners a little bit wider to accommodate the larger sized American population!



We have now completed one full year as a Sunbrella kiosk dealer!  This program has been successful for us and we made a good decision in hopping on this bandwagon when we did.  We benefited greatly from Jordan’s Sunbrella commercials and I would certainly hope they run them again this coming season.  We never want to turn down free advertising and their commercials helped us open up a Sunbrella dialogue with many of our customers.  We will continue to offer the cut yardage program for all outdoor fabrics & sling material.  We are not officially a dealer for the marine or awning grade Sunbrella fabrics but we can get them if you have a customer inquiring.   A catalogue and price book are at the design center and all cut yardage will ship in a standard 54” width.  There is a minimum order requirement of three yards.    Cut yardage can ship as early as the next day after I order it.  Please allow at least 3-5 days transit time for delivery to either the store here or directly to the customer when quoting lead time.

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