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Jun. 112015

logo-patiorenaissanceThe Riviera seating set we showed this past season in Driftwood finish was not as successful this season as it has been in the past. We feel there are two major reasons for this decline in sales. The first major problem was the finish & Rivierra-Locfabric combination we showed the set in. The Driftwood finish is very light in color and the Sailcloth cushions are also very light in color. When you show the two together you get a very bland, boring looking set. Obviously our customers thought the same thing and that was one of the reasons they did not buy it. We have proven, in the past that our customers prefer a dark frame and an eye catching fabric color. To fix this problem we have brought in frames in a darker Ash finish and cushions in the old stand-by fabric color of Canvas Henna. What we will do is switch the cushions on each set and display the more eye catching Henna fabric on the light colored Driftwood frame and the dark Ash frame with the lighter Sailcloth cushion. I’m sure there will be customers who will want the opposite color combination on this set than how we will show it and we can certainly accommodate those customers although I think they will be few. The second issue we are facing is just the fact that this more traditional style frame is less popular and customers are switching over to more contemporary styled seating pieces. The sales of this collection have also been on the decline for Patio Renaissance so we have decided that after this season we will drop this group and move onto something new! The price of the Riviera collection has gone up slightly and we will show the sofa, lounge chair and ottoman for $2,669. We will also have in stock a glider loveseat, end table and cocktail table.

Del Mar Curved Sectional WEBThe Del Mar sectional will be shown this year in a different configuration. We will show it as a curved sectional with two crescent shaped armless sofas and two armless storage units for $2,199. This set will be shown with cushions in Sunbrella fabric Canvas Granite. The 4 piece sectional must be sold as a set only. The crescent shaped sofas cannot be sold individually. We have brought in extra stock on the armless storage units and you can sell extra of those for $249 each.
Back again this year is the stacking Bistro Chairs. They are priced at $129 and we re-ordered them in Chestnut, Onyx, White and Sesame. We have matching 28” bistro tables in stock for $149 to match the Sesame and Chestnut chairs.

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