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Three Ways To Improve Pool Tables

Three Ways To Improve Pool Tables

Most of the time, it seems home renovation is for large-scale projects that involve particular furniture, not accessories. However, the right accessories can make owning something even more exciting! If you just purchased a pool table recently, there are simple ways to add flair with accessories that make pool tables pop.     1.) Subtle […]

Basic Rules of Billiards

Ah, billiards. The game seems simple enough: just hit some balls into pockets on billiard tables. However, there are specific rules, as with everything. If you were to play 8 or 9 ball, would you still be able to move from game to game? Are all the rules the same? Many of us are familiar […]

Benefits of Billiards

Billiard tables have been around for years and are in many bars, hotels, and resorts. Pool is an entertaining game, and playing provides some nice benefits.┬áDuring a typical game of pool, you could be playing for at least 2 hours, maybe even longer. This long of a match, though you don’t feel it, is working […]

A Brief History of Billiards

When it comes to billiard tables, no low-impact activity has been around as long. Popular enough to have pool halls in every town and the ability to become a trick sport, billiards have captured the American ideals since its inception. In the United States, there is no set time frame when billiards came to the […]

Is it time your company had a game room?

Many businesses, large and small, have begun incorporating game rooms into their businesses. Many companies are discovering that having a separate game room containing pool tables and such are helping their employees deal more effectively with stress. They are, also, finding that it is boosting creativity. The younger workers, Generation Y and the Millennials, are […]

Using the pool table sights to step up your game

Everyone, from time to time, has seen those circular or diamond shapes that rest easily on top of the rails of your pool table. Many mistakenly believe that they are there merely to enhance the appearance of the pool table. In reality, however, they are known as sights and they rest there eagerly awaiting your […]