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Using the pool table sights to step up your game

Mar. 52015

Pool tables from Seasonal Specialty StoresEveryone, from time to time, has seen those circular or diamond shapes that rest easily on top of the rails of your pool table. Many mistakenly believe that they are there merely to enhance the appearance of the pool table. In reality, however, they are known as sights and they rest there eagerly awaiting your decision to increase the quality of your shooting.

  • If playing billiards or pool, you can look to these sights, or diamonds, as they are generally known, to more easily formulate and measure those difficult shots where you must play the rails and bank a ball or two for it to see a pocket.
  • Generally, try and aim your bank shots as if they are going through the center of the diamond itself. Don’t use a spot on a rail as a guide as it will lead to more inaccuracy than sunken shots. Also, take the time to get familiar with a pool table on which you have never played. Test the banks and the texture and feel of the pool table. Trying to compete on an unknown table is difficult enough without having the opportunity to take some practice shots.
  • When looking to make a shot that will go off two banks, determine how many diamonds away you are from your shot. Start with diamond that is closest to where your cue ball is and count up along the rail. This can help you go with a quick and shorter bank shot and then a longer roll toward the ball, and shot, you are trying to hit.
  • Look at the second rail that your ball will hit and count down the same amount of diamonds as you did at your original spot. The final diamond point you arrive at in your counting is the one you are aiming for. Try and shoot your cue ball at the diamond while striking the ball higher up and somewhat off to the side which is known as “running English”. This may help put a spin on your cue ball that will increase its speed and accuracy toward its final intended object.
  • Counting diamonds and learning to play them well will increase your skill and allow you to play well on any pool table. So, the next time you approach your pool table, take some time to practice your bank shots using the diamonds, You will find that, over time, your skill in creating successful bank shots will greatly increase.
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