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Jun. 122017


The Aruba II collection will be floored again this year in a new color combination.  We changed the frame color from Black to Beechwood and will be showing this set in fabric # 466 James (muted gray).  The set will again be floored as a bar height set with a 42” glass table and four Aruba swivel café bar chairs.  The set will retail for $1999 as a 5 piece set.

The next collection shown this year is the MGP Sling Adirondack chat set.  This set will be shown again in the finish & MGP color of Beachwood.  We will show this set as a chat set with 4 MGP Adirondack sling chairs in sling fabric # 356 Lionsgate (gold/tan tweed) and a 42” square MGP chat table for $2,399.  We have only one 42” square table left and when this table is sold out we will show the adirondack chairs with a Homecrest fire pit.  The sales of these adirondack chairs was very poor this year.  We feel the sales for these chairs went directly to the adirondack chairs from CR Plastics.  We will mark down these chairs to help move out inventory as we have a lot of these left from last season.  In addition we brought in a few ottomans to go with the chairs in the hopes that people will buy them on their own.

The Bazza MGP sling collection will be floored again this year as a 2 piece contour chaise lounge set for $999. We will show this set in the same sling fabric # 466 James (muted gray) and MGP Textured Black finish. Included in this set again is a 27” MGP chaise table.

Building on last year’s success of the Belle Isle collection we will be expanding it this year to now include two additional pieces.  This season we are stocking, once again, the hidden motion chat chair in Kona finish with MGP Desert arm accents in fabric # 953 Kasler (green/black/tan tweed) and will retail it for $519.  In addition we are adding a reclining chair for $399 and matching ottoman $199.  These two pieces will be shown with a 21” MGP round end table for $229.rect-fire-table-details

The next item is a MGP rectangular fire table.  We stocked this same fire table last year in finish combination of silver & graphite but this year we are changing it up and will now show it in a Textured Silver frame finish with a MGP Black top in a slatted pattern.  This rectangular fire table will retail for $1,999 and will come standard with clear crystal fire beads.  This table will put out 55,000 BTU’s and is a match light unit.  This is a free stock fire pit and is not currently paired with any seating.

The MGP 32” square fire pit with the bar height lift kit from last season is marked as clearance.  It did not sell for us and we did not re-order it.  It will stay on clearance until it is gone and will not be replaced.  This fire pit is shown in the Textured Black finish with slatted top and bar height lift kit for $1,699. The fire pit will come with clear glass fire gems and supports 22,000 BTU’s.


The first new Telescope collection for this season is the Larssen cushion seating. In honor of Jeanne, Telescope decided to name their new collection after her.  This is a great honor to her and due to Jeanne’s dedication and love of Telescope, Cathy Junket, CEO of Telescope thought naming this collection after her was the only right choice!!  This aluminum framed cushion set has a very distinctive Scandinavian design to it and Cathy felt this set was a good representation of Jeanne. We will be showing this cushioned set as a sofa and arm chair combination.  The set will be shown in Beachwood finish with Sunbrella fabric Huskie on the cushions.  The sofa will retail for $2,199 and arm chair for $749.  We will also show matching aluminum slat top tables in an 18” square end table for $109 and 42” rectangular coffee table for $389.


In addition to the Larssen cushion seating we will also show a Larssen cushioned chaise lounge. This chaise lounge is part of Mia’s new chaise program and this piece will be shown in Textured Snow finish with fabric # 929 Summit.  The chaise lounge will retail for $1,169 and will be shown with a 17” square MGP top end table for $109.


Leeward continues, again, for at least the 3rd year in a row to be our # 1 selling dining set!  Again, it is astounding the number of sets we have sold over the years and we just keep on selling it.  We thought about changing this set over to something else but in the end decided to just keep it the way it was because it does sell.  Next year we will probably make a change as the Chandler backless bench is discontinued but we still had plenty of stock on it to get us through this upcoming season. The set did incur a price increase and we will now floor this 6 piece dining set for $4,299.  It will again be shown in Kona finish & 357 Latte fabric with two arm chairs, two swivel rockers and a Chandler backless bench.  The 120” extension table will again be shown in the Herringbone pattern.  Officially for the 2017 season Telescope has dropped the Herringbone pattern but Telescope allowed us to continue on with this pattern as an exclusive to Seasonal only.  The only restriction was that we could only buy it on our early buy order.  That being said you will not be able to special order this pattern on any MGP product that is special ordered from the catalogue.  This pattern is only available to us on our stock 120” extension table. No special orders are allowed in herringbone!!! Also, new for this year we will be introducing a new 62” hexagonal table with an MGP table top.  This new table is derived from the 64” glass hex table that we have stocked in the past.  That table is now discontinued and the new 62” MGP table is the replacement.  This table will be shown with a slat top pattern and will comfortably seat 6 people.  The hex table has always been a great seller for us in the past and I believe this new updated MGP version will be just as good! This table will retail for $1,099.  Please note that this table is only available in the slat top pattern.  Herringbone is not available on this table!  Another new item we will show with the Leeward collection is a new trash/towel receptacle unit.  Mia has made it her personal goal to find us a sturdy, good looking and reasonably priced trash can or towel receptacle to offer our customers.  So many customers have been looking for a piece like this that doesn’t look like your typical Rubbermaid trash can.  This unit can be used as either a trash can or a towel receptacle for the pool area.  The sides of the unit are aluminum and it has a MGP top on it.  Each unit comes with plaques to attach to the front of the unit that says either trash or towels.  This MGP receptacle will retail for $799 and is shown in Kona finish. We will again show the matching Kendall stacking café chairs for $239 each.  These were a great add on for people who wanted additional seating for the 120” table but did not want to spend the extra money for a Leeward chair. Along with these chairs we will again show the Leeward SHB rocking chair for $499 and a 21” MGP end table for $269.  The Leeward collection & the Kendall café chairs are again included in the 2017 “Free Sling” program.  Don’t forget to hand out those certificates!  Remember, it’s the sales associate’s responsibility to fill out the sling certificate and give it to the customer!

Another change we made this year is the SHB Primera II set.  We decided to freshen up this set and will now floor it in Textured Black finish with # 630 Mocha sling fabric on the chairs.  We will still show this set with the same 48” Werzalit table in pattern # 160 Rocky Road.  The set will retail for $1,599 and will include the 48” round table, two SHB arm chairs and two SHB swivel rockers.  We will also show a small 17” square end table with a new embossed top to match the set and will retail it for $119.  In addition we will stock a 48” glass table for $439 for those customers that would prefer a glass dining table option.  Please note that the sling fabric on this collection is the same color combination that we show on the Gardenella arm chairs and chaise lounges shown on the slat wall.  These two groups could be interchangeable if you have a price conscious customer!


The second new set we will introduce this year is the Plymouth Bay dining collection.  This set will be a combination of aluminum with MGP accents.  We will floor this set with a new Plymouth Bay 64” rectangular slat top table with an X styled base, a Plymouth Bay 64” slat top backless bench and two Bazza stacking café chairs.  This set will be a two tone set with Textured Snow aluminum finish and Desert MGP accents.  The stacking café chairs will be shown in the very old, but never out of style sling fabric of # 20D Natural.  This 4 piece set will retail for $1,599 and will be our second opening price point set.  Note:  The Bazza café chairs are included in the 2017 “Free Sling” program.  Don’t forget to hand out those certificates!

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