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Treasure Garden Umbrellas & Covers

Jul. 92015

Treasure GardenThere are a few minor changes to the Treasure Garden line up this year.  We will continue to stock 6’, 7 1/2’, 9’ & 11’ market umbrellas in a variety of fabrics and frame finishes.  The 6’ and 7 ½’ umbrellas will be stocked with a push button tilt and the 9’ and 11’ umbrellas will be stock with both the push button and auto tilt options.  I have updated the descriptions on all of the market AG19 Cantilevered 10 ft.umbrella to designate if the umbrella has a push button tilt or an auto tilt.  This should make it easier when discussing options with a customer.  The prices of the market style umbrellas will range from $149 to $589 based on fabric and size.

We will again be stocking several of the 8’ x 11’ rectangular umbrellas.  Please note that due to the size & shape of this umbrella it does not have a tilt option.  It is a stationary umbrella.  Retail prices will range from $399 to $479 based on fabric selection.

The sales of the 11’ Easy Track umbrellas have been very slow so I did not re-order any of them.  We still have 4 in stock in 3 different colors if you have any interested customers.  These will retail for $689.

The AG19 10’ cantilevered umbrellas were again a great success for us this year.  We re-ordered them again this year in a variety of colors in both a black & bronze frame finish.  Please note that thUM8811RT Rectangle 11 ft.is cantilevered is only available in a black or bronze frame finish.  The Champagne finish has been dropped from this style.  We will again stock the sand filled resin bases in both finishes to go with this umbrella.  We continue to do a great job adding these onto the cantilevered sales so keep up the good work!!  The 10’ cantilevered will retail from $619 to $839 based on fabric.

The sales of the AKZ 13’ cantilevered umbrellas were not as good this past year as they were in previous years.  I actually believe it has to do a little bit with the position of where we had it displayed on the sales floor.  The right front corner is a little dark for an umbrella of that size and with not much natural light there I think the umbrella felt a little closed in when you were standing underneath it.  I believe it will sell better in the back corner with a lot of natural light coming in the solarium windows.  That being said we did re-order the color Spa as it was our best seller for the year.  All of the AKZ’s in stock this year will retail for $1,699.  As a reminder when special ordering an AKZ-13 cantilevered that you must price out the umbrella and the base separately in the price book.  This umbrella is no longer priced as a single complete unit.  You need to add the frame & base together to get a complete unit price.

There are no major changes to the umbrella base line up with the exception of the Garden style base.  This base has been very popular so we added an additional frame color of Champagne.   This base will retail for $199.  We will continue to stock the 50 lb. Art Deco base for $199, 80 lb. Pentagon base w/wheels for $309, the 100 lb. Square Monaco base w/wheels for $409 and the Classic 50 lb. base for $129.

Furniture cover -webWe have added a new style of furniture cover line this year that are made specifically for sectionals or modular units.  The individual covers are made so that they are interchangeable and can be zipped together to create one complete unit.  Each individual piece features a water resistant zipper for each side panel.  The side panels can be removed to attach to the next style of cover.  That is how you make one consecutively covered unit. We will stock four cover sizes in this new cover system of both a left & right end, armless chair and wedge unit.  All four pieces will start with the description of modular for easy identification.  We did not make any other changes to our Treasure Garden cover line.  All the same sizes & styles will be stock the same as last season. Please remember that we do not stock every size of cover that Treasure Garden makes.  If you can’t find the size you’re looking for in inventory then check the Treasure Garden catalogue for special order options.  All furniture covers can be special ordered in quantities of one or more and shipped direct to a customer’s home for an additional $15 up-charge or to the store for pick up at no additional charge. Please note that an additional $15 handling fee is added to any special order purchase from Treasure Garden under $50.  This charge must be added to customer’s order to cover this handling fee!  (A reminder is posted in the front of the price list!)

Rug-Charleston Spa  webThe next new thing we ordered from Treasure Garden is a line of outdoor rugs. This new rug collection will feature two different rectangular size rugs of:  7’10” x 10” and 5’3” x 7’4”.  These rugs will be available in 15 style and color patterns and can be used indoors or outdoors.  These rugs are made in Belgium, come with a 1 year warranty against fading, easy to clean (mild soap & water) and are made of 100% UV resistant polypropylene. These rugs will retail for $129 for the small size and $249 for the larger size.

This next section is the same exact portion I added to last year’s write up regarding the purchase of cantilevered umbrellas.

Due to the improper set up and overall use of these gigantic cantilevered umbrellas we created a hand out that will be given to each customer that purchases a cantilevered umbrella that will outline the use, set up, operation and warranty coverage of every cantilevered umbrella we sell.  We will review this hand out with the customer, at the time of purchase, and have them sign a copy of it to verify that it has been read & reviewed by the customer.  In addition this hand out will also direct them to Treasure Gardens website where they can watch an instructional video on how to properly assemble and operate their new umbrella.  The website also gives them an option to print out a PDF version of the owner’s manual for their specific style of umbrella.   It has always been a misconception (by both our customers and sometimes our sales associates) that due to the enormous size of these umbrellas that they can be handled harshly and can withstand enormous amounts of wind.  What everyone fails to remember is that these umbrellas are meant to be a SHADE PRODUCT ONLY”.  They cannot handle Gale force winds, torrential down pouring rain, hurricanes or tornadoes!  That being said we need to do everything we can to get customers to fully understand exactly what they are buying.  It’s better to address a customer’s concerns up front, at the point of purchase, then later on when they have innocently destroyed their umbrella and are expecting us to repair or replace it at no charge. I am also requiring all sales associates to visit Treasure Garden’s website and watch the instructional videos for both the 10’ & 13’ cantilevered umbrellas as well.  You can’t ask a customer to watch the instructional video if you yourself are also not willing to take the time to watch it!!  If, after watching the video, you still feel uncomfortable selling these umbrellas, then please see me and we will work you through any concerns you may have!

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