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Mar. 192015

Tropitone logoThis year there will not be a lot of changes with Tropitone.  Last September Tropitone was sold to the same equity company that owns Brown Jordan International.  Brown Jordan is a very popular high end outdoor furniture manufacturer that makes similar, high end outdoor furniture.   In the last 2-3 years Tropitone has come out with virtually nothing new which makes it Montreux-II-Cushion-Location-WEBdifficult for us to create a new line up.  What we did this year was take existing groups, shuffle some pieces around and make new collections.  It is our hope that since Brown Jordan has acquired Tropitone we may see some new designs and collections coming out at the 2015 Casual Market.  With that being said here is what we came up with for the current 2015 patio season:

We will continue to floor the Cabana Club collection the same way we did last season with no major changes.  The sales of this set have not been bad but they haven’t been great either.  We have three sets left and we will just work through what we have and see how we end up at the end of the season.  We’ll again stock this set with a 66” rectangular Banchetto slat top table, two dining armchairs, two armless side chairs and a 60” Banchetto slat bench.  The set is displayed in Greco finish with Verana fabric.  The set will retail for $3,799

Last season we showed the Montreux Cushion group as a chat set.  This year we are going to make it into a mini seating set and let the customers buy the pieces ala carte.  We will show the swivel action lounger, cushioned ottoman and a 20” round glass top tea table.  The loungers will retail for $1,599, ottoman $649 and tea table 379.  All pieces will be shown in Graphite finish with Dusk (blue & multi stripe) fabric on the cushions.

This year we will again show the Montreux II collection as a chat firepit set.  Last season we showed this same set but we encountered many customers who did not like the height correlation between the swivel rockers and firepit table.  After some investigation and several conversations we came to the conclusion that the wrong height firepit table was ordered last year.  To correct this problem we have ordered replacement legs for the firepit table and we will increase the height of the table by 6 inches.  When used in conjunction with the 25” swivel rocker this will bring the firepit table up from dining height to counter height.  We are confident that customers will like this new set up better.  This set will now retail for $5,699 and feature a 48” square counter height Banchetto fire pit table and four Montreux sling swivel bar stools in Graphite finish with Tivoli (gray/red) sling fabric. Please note that this firepit will use four 1 lb. propane tanks.  This is different than most of the fire pits we stock that use the standard 20 lb. propane tank.  With a special adapter you can hook up a 20 lb. tank but the tank will be exposed under the firepit and not out of sight like the 1 lb. tanks.

The Torino sling dining set will be floored again this year with an 84” oval Banchetto table, four sling armchairs and two swivel rockers in Graphite finish with sling fabric Sparkling Water for $4,399.  We have only two sets of this left and once it’s gone we will probably switch this set over to a new sling and frame finish.

New for this season will be the Torino Padded sling chat set.  We will show this set as a 5 piece chat set for $3,499.  The set will feature two padded sling arm chairs, two padded sling swivel rockers and either a 42” square (umbrella hole) or 42” round (no umbrella hole) Banchetto slat top chat table.  All will be shown in Graphite finish with Sunbrella fabric Meadow (green stripe) on the padded sling front and Corniche (gray) on the padded sling back.

A reminder from last season:    Tropitone has on their website some great, useful information that everyone should take a look at. They have clear, detailed information on anything from product care & maintenance, fire pit installation & operation or directions for replacing a sling.  At the bottom of the Home page there are at least a dozen different categories to choose from and that is where you should be sending customers to get their questions answered.  Stop guessing and let Tropitone answer their questions for you.  Nobody knows better how to clean a Palazzo stone top table then Tropitone!  Guess what?  The answer to that cleaning question is on the Tropitone website under Product Care for tables!!  I read it and learned something new.  A 50/50 solution of water & vinegar is great for loosening embedded dirt on Stoneworks table tops!  If I hadn’t read it, I wouldn’t know!

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