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New Products and Prices

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Hardly anything changed in pricing this year. A few up, a few down, but really no inflation.

We had a few exciting changes in products, though. Two new automatic pool cleaners by Maytronics.  Lighter, much easier to use (top-loading), and the remote control is a smart phone app.   The Active 30 unit is on sale for only $1,039.98 this month. Two new pumps for inground pools; only $263.98 for a one horse power pump.  How about a floating bluetooth speaker and light combo, for only $69.98 this month?

Sunscreen tabs are a very convenient method to add chlorine stabilizer to your skimmer. Only $15.98 on sale for 2.2 pounds.  Volt battery-operated pool vacuums from $55.98 to $199.98 this month.

But my favorite new pool supply? Duck OFF! Keeps ducks out of your pool.  Not everyone needs it, but if you do, this is a godsend.  Only $39.98 a gallon on sale.

And my favorite product of all?  Bar and patio furniture made out of teak fishing boats from the Pacific island of Bali.  Yes, actual fishing boats, with their original, brightly colored paint on them. Every item is authentic, unique, effectively a work of art.  And the material:  solid, heavy teak.  Astoundingly heavy, will last practically forever.  They only can make them when fishermen need a new boat.  No two are alike.

Our largest change in years happened in the Patio Furniture department.  Good patio furniture today looks like indoor furniture, with really comfortable upholstered pieces.  Seating sets, like living room furniture, are much more comfortable for relaxing and socializing for an entire afternoon.  The new materials make it worthwhile to give away your current old-fashioned patio furniture and buy something better.

See the article below by Ann, on new patio concepts. And check out our blog online, where Ann describes over the course of the summer, our patio products in detail.

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