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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Mia found something interesting in her water lab research this winter.  She was looking at histories of people who do more than six tests in a year.  We were thinking we would see signs of a problem that needed a lot of tests to diagnose and cure.  Five out of twelve people who used liquid chlorine had chlorine levels unsafely too low all summer!  I found something similar looking at tests of a few jumbo tab users last year.  Remember, keeping your water balanced using our lab does not relieve chlorine and bromine users from testing every day.  You still need to be between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm for chlorine, and 2.0 to 5.0 ppm for bromine; 24/7. 

Do you use a salt-to-chlorine generator to make your chlorine?  Are you upset that pool stores give you bags of hard salt that seem stale?   No, that’s how you know it’s the right salt!   Anti-caking additives (usually YPS or Prussiate of Soda) ruin the electrodes in your generator, which are $400 to $800 or more to replace.  So you need to use salt that easily sticks together.  It still dissolves perfectly quickly in pool water.  We can also test your salt cell electrodes to see if they are working ok.  Bring in your cell, and we will give it a chemical cleaning and run a diagnostic on it using the equipment at water lab one, for only $31.99  if you bought it from us, and $39.99 if you bought it someplace else.

We have a lot more in-store services available here, too.  We obviously service and repair pumps, filters, cleaners, heater, chlorinators, and other products purchased here.  We can also repair almost anything purchased from our competitors.  Of course if it’s Proline, which is a private label, not a company, it’s really helpful if you have the directions or we can recognize who the original manufacturer was from a photograph.

We created a store-wide Lifetime Limited Labor Warranty, that mostly codified something that we’ve done informally for years.  Anytime a manufacturer replaces a part under their warranty, we will provide in-store labor to complete the repair, at the same discount as the parts (100%, 50%, etc.).  Plus, we discount non-warranty labor by 20% on any product purchased here – forever!

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