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Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Mac retired last December due to poor health.  We’re in touch, and we’d love to see him back, even part-time if he gets better.  As I realize more every day, it’s tough to get old.

Speaking of age, Jeanne and I celebrated the 25th anniversary of our first date, last September, in Niagara Falls.  I had been studying Zen gardening for a while, and while we were away, I designed three Zen gardens as part of our new landscaping design.  Yes, how romantic.  I take her to Niagara Falls and work on something for the store!  I finished about 95% of their construction in November, and I should be 100% finished by the time you read this.  The Kingou Garden is farthest from Route 101A, and the Sangai Gardens are closest.  Summers in a pool store can be stressful – I’m hoping that you can find a bit of calm here, also.

This is a big year for graduations.  Maria graduated from high school last spring, Veronica graduated in January, and Katrina will graduate this June.  We have some college graduations coming up this June: Amanda and Taylor.

This is a big year for Patrick, too.  It’s his tenth anniversary with us, and his fifth anniversary married to Sarah.  We wish him well.

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